From the Founder of MyEventBook – Ron Hobbs

I love this industry. During my 35 year career I have been involved in all aspects of the planning process for all types of events and it has been a particularly unique education. My experience the past 25 years is one of owning a catering business and managing a banquet venue.

Over the past decade I have witnessed a dramatic shift (as we all have) from traditional forms of advertising to marketing via the Internet. Observing how this “new” marketing worked left me wondering why it is wasn’t doing more…I felt it could be better.

The last three years have been a quest to develop the best and most versatile online representation in the industry for venues and vendors while delivering the best online search tool for event planners.


The creation of MEB meets so many goals that I had hoped to achieve. One primary goal was to put venues and vendors in control of their own online marketing efforts. Another was to offer tools and features that would make doing business easier and better and do all this at a price point that is unmatched and truly cost effective…it is priced to fit into any business budget. For event planners there is no cost at all to use MyEventBook.net. In fact, one does not even have to register to obtain all the information available.

Enjoy MyEventBook.net and all it has to offer.